The main character of the Ballad of Adler Young.


Adler catching butterflies atop the Albric Tor Gate to the lowfolk world.

He was originally styled Duke Fitzgawain, being the bastard son of King Gawain and a servant named Mavis. He was brought up in the shadow of the Royal Court (and secretly groomed by the Sisterhood to take over the throne when the time was right.) He was taught Gramarye by his mother, the Wiles by Sheila na Gig, advanced magick by Estvan Silverbrush, and even received the Boon of Luck from Fuma herself.

When Adler's half-brother, Estmere Gawainsson, ascended to the throne, he proclaimed Adler to be a legitimate son of the former King, placing him next in the Royal succession and giving him the right to the name Gawainsson (although his official name is Adler Young, to differentiate him from his father, Gawain Adlersson, and his grandfather, Adler Sartoriusson.)

It has been noted that Adler bears a striking (if somewhat less "hunky") resemblance to Irenaeus, the founder of the Mephitist Empire.