Consort of King Estmere, and a survivor of the era of the Plague of Battles. An antelope-femme, in keeping with Estmere's affection for ungulates.

Born to the ruler of Caer Adland, Queen Edessa was briefly married to the the King of Spain, but was rescued from that Lowfolk land by King Estmere and Adler Gawainsson, his legitimated brother. Edessa was involved in certain plots against Adler Gawainsson in the aftermath of this, the gist of which as of October, 2016 had not been revealed.

In Zandar's Saga, she is shown to be the librarian at the Hoardblemish Academy, located in the former Winter Palace in Persoc Tor. She deeply mourns her dead mate, and has a distinct hatred for both Zandar Skonk and Adler Gawainsson (see Zandar's Saga 408-412).