Acronym for the Faerie Armed Forces Institute.

FAFI is an organization with a number of branches in the Mephitist Empire, and a few in allied states. Its stated purpose is to bring comforts to the enlisted furs of the Imperial & Royal Army. Most squaddies, however, take the view that the purpose of a FAFI is to speed up the process of Embracing Fuma. In particular, the quality of the tea served at FAFI canteens is the subject of much mirth among the soldiers, a few of the more educated ones taking the position that the beverage is intended to be a universal solvent.

FAFIs can be seen in a number of adventures in The Winterbough Saga, most notably in "The Thin Line." Tessie Ring, before she went into service in the Winterbough household, worked in a FAFI.


Tessie Ring, as a FAFI server. Note the inclusion of "Lowfolk Pie" on the menu (quite possibly a joke, if a grim one), and the action of tea upon the counter-top. Drawing by J.W. Kennedy.