A memorial hall just outside the walls of Albric Tor. It contains monuments to great elves of the past, their worthiness of being commemorated having been determined in some unseen way. Memorable deeds, be they good or evil, are all that seem to be required. Monuments are often marked with little more than the elf's name and a terse epitaph referring to the manner of their death. With the exception of royalty, most elves are not actually interred in the Hall of Ancestors. The monuments appear there magickally when the elf dies. The Hall is larger on the outside than it is on the inside. There used to be a Docent who guided visitors around the Hall, but he has not been seen in years and is is presumed dead. The Hall is visited less often now than it used to be, perhaps because there are fewer elves, and new monuments are seldom added anymore.

At the center of the Hall of Ancestors is the Coronation Chamber, where each High King is crowned. Behind the Coronation Thrones is an ornate door to the Royal Gardens of Albric Tor. This door will only open for the King & Queen.


Inside the Hall of Ancestors, looking at the archway into the Coronation Chamber, which is lit from within by elf-light.