The Interbreeding Initiative was a policy instituted by King Adler the Prudent, as an alternative to the morally objectionable Ferifax Arch proposal. The purpose of the Initiative was to re-invigorate elfkind and bolster the declining birth rate in the Empire by encouraging elves to marry lowfolk. Members of high society were expected to set the example.

The Initiative failed for several reasons. Most elves view lowfolk as inferior. Many were concerned that the half-elven offspring of such unions would constitute a "degradation" of elfkind, leading to the ultimate ruin of elvish society. Though based on prejudice and fear derived from old tales in which elf / lowfolk encounters always go badly for the elf, this opinion was only bolstered by the lowfolk's uncouth & uncivilized behavior at officially sponsored "Meet and Greets" which took place during the early stages of the Initiative. After a few unfortunate fiascos, the plan was quietly shelved.