Supporting character in The Ballad of Adler Young, and occasionally referred to in The Winterbough Saga.

Sir Lucius Ravenmad is one of the Mephitist Empire's leading poets and authors; he could also accurately be described as one of the Empire's leading eccentrics. He is never seen without a beaked masque and an overcoat of long, black feathers. Thus, his true species (if, indeed, it is different from raven-hood) is not known.

He is an expert on the lore and legends of Faerie, and is the author of a number of best-selling books. One of these has caused some significant friction with Estvan Silverbrush, who believes that he was used as a character, and not in a way that was flattering (to the mind of Silverbrush).

Sir Ravenmad is also an expert in the lore of doors, something he has discussed with Adler Gawainsson many times.

The poet often moves about here and there in Faerie, noting that when he tires of the hustle and bustle of one place, he seeks the tranquility of another.


Sir Ravenmad