The younger brother of High King Adler Sartoriusson. In the Winterbough Saga and The Ballad of Adler Young, Roland is Grand Marshal of Faerie. At many times in both stories, he is seen with his principal aide, Sergeant Toby Wing.

As Marshal of Faerie, Prince Roland had two major duties to perform for the Crowns; the first was to command the Imperial & Royal Army, and the second was to act as its principal spymaster. These duties tended to overlap, and certain groups under his command reflected this overlap, such as the Blood Seal Bearers.

Prince Roland is seen acting as Marshal at the start of "The Thin Line," and the implication is that he was appointed to that position some years prior by his brother King Adler in succession to Prince Guillaume. He served as Marshal through the rest of Adler's reign, and through all of Gawain Adlersson's reign, until he was superseded during the reign of King Estmere Gawainsson, first by his grand-nephew Adler Gawainsson, and then by Theronmyathus, when Adler Gawainsson vanished for an extended period of time into Lowfolk Country. During that period, Prince Roland retired, and was said to have been on an extended visit to Elfhame.

In general, Roland seems to have been honest, modest and competent in his handling of office. It is noteworthy that, aside from his vast meals, he generally avoided owning possessions. At the time he was to have been succeeded by his grand-nephew as Marshal, the latter was astonished to see Prince Roland's simple quarters, and lack of possessions. The Marshal also rarely wore the substantial number of decorations and honours he had earned. As to his competence, he is seen skillfully handling the campaign against the Grand Duchy of the Grey Horde during The Thin Line, bringing up reinforcements only when necessary and on time.

Prince Roland is very fat, which has earned him begrudging respect from some quarters - and rude nicknames from others (such as "Roly Poly" and "Fat Rollie"). He has a notable appetite, and a certain weakness for Elfhamian sweet persimmon jam, which he is often seen ladling in huge quantities upon his breakfast scones.


Marshal Roland at his desk.