Associate of Mavis MacFogg, a hideous creature in spider-form. She was the creature that taught Adler Gawainsson what he knew about Wiles. Little is known about her death, save that she was bludgeoned (see Zandar's Saga 278).


Sheila na Gig in her jacket & mask.

Sheila is never seen without her hooded mask; her eyes are not visible behind the eye-holes. Mephitist monks refer to her as an "apostate" in the Ballad of Adler Young. Adler must go to Sheila in the Lowfolk Country because she had been banished from Faerie. In Zandar's Saga (54), Sheila reveals that she was once beautiful - but due to her unwise curiosity she became, in her words, "a monster." Whether this means she was not always a spider is unclear.