A public house, located in Greytor-village in the Vale of Elfhame.

Whether or not it is true, it is fervently believed by the roe-bucks of the Vale that the Sheaf is the oldest public house in all of Faerie. Certainly it was in operation at the time of The Coming of the Skunks, for Irenaeus himself is known to have drunk there. Its operation has not been continuous; it was closed for a number of years during the economic depression occasioned by the disaster of Skull Forest. However, it was reopened shortly after Westersloe Winterbough V became Master of Elfhame, and from the evidence of the adventures, it resumed its place as the centre of socialization for the roe-bucks of the Vale.

There are three locations often seen in The Winterbough Saga that are tied to the Sheaf. The first is the common room, where the bar, the seats, the fireplace and the spaces for shove-florin and dart games can be found. (Above the mantel of the fireplace in the common room is the gilded form of an unfortunate femme-fur who was covered in gold by an enemy of Winterbough in the adventure "From Vulpitania With Love." No fur has yet been able to figure out how to reverse the spell.) The second is the Does' Room, a small parlour that may well have been designed by Estvan Silverbrush. It is notorious for the doilies present in the room, which are capable of magicks causing them to multiply at an astonishing rate. (This room was the site of a confrontation between then-Crown Prince Gawain and Winterbough at the end of "The Awkward Squad.") The third location is the Sheaf's notorious privy; unlike the inn itself, this is believed by many furs outside of the Vale to be the oldest of its kind still in existence, and apparently the smell is one indicator. It is has never been emptied, and many roe-bucks jocularly believe that the privy is directly connected to one of the Netherhells.

The innkeeper, a roe-buck, is identified only as Bung, and is apparently an immigrant originally from Licksburg. Among other things, he is responsible for the brewing of the innumerable pints of plain that are eagerly consumed by the bucks of the Vale, and certain other furs, such as the Wolf Prisoners.