Supporting character in The Winterbough Saga, he is a roebuck. He is also referred to in the stories as "Mud-Magnet," "Frogmaster," or simply "Sixth," which is short for "Sixth of His Name."

The buck-fawn of Westersloe Winterbough V and Anastasia Rosebush-Aspen, Sixth is a very lively and rambunctious fawn, full of innocent mischief and good cheer. He has a ravenous appetite for iced persimmon cake, loves to get involved with games that usually end up with him covered from ear-tip to hoof in mud, and he has some kind of strange natural affinity for frogs, to the point where he is able to control them.

His experiments in creating giant frogs apparently have continued through to the time of The Ballad of Adler Young; Sir Lucius Ravenmad observes to Adler Gawainsson, after the former has visited Elfhame, that some of Sixth's experiments had gotten a bit out of control, and sentient frogs were starting to play pranks.

In general, it would appear that Sixth gets along quite well with his sister Stella Rosebush-Aspen, even though it is she, not he, that will inherit all of her sire's property when he passes to Fuma's Embrace. This is unusual, particularly when it is considered that the sister is a far more skilled magick-user than her brother.

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Westersloe Winterbough VI is the buck-fawn standing at centre, in the mint-green Elfhame Rangers uniform.