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This wiki describes the characters, events and places used in "The Winterbough Saga," a 700-episode (as of October, 2016) story that appears in, and was created by E.O. Costello. It also makes references to "The Ballad of Adler Young," created by J.W. Kennedy, and certain stories created by W.D. Reimer.

About the SagaEdit

The Winterbough Saga is a story that features anthropomorphic, elven animals in the magickal setting of the mythical continent of Faerie. The central character and principal narrator of the Saga is Westersloe Winterbough V, a roebuck that is a soldier-magickuser in the service of the House of Irenaeus, a line of skunks that rules Faerie as High Kings and Emperors. Throughout his adventures, Winterbough criss-crosses Faerie, engages in a number of battles, confronts a number of foes, and falls in love.

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Westersloe Winterbough V

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